A Surprise Laundry Room Renovation

When we bought our home in 2011, I always knew I wanted to renovate my laundry room but we had so many other projects to tackle, it was on the backburner. I loved how spacious it was but it wasn't very functional for our big family and a little outdated. Then something unexpected happened. The dryer vent to the outside was blocked and for months the lint and moisture was backing up into the wall causing water to drip from the outlet on the other side of the wall. I quickly ripped the wall open (ruining the custom paint job on the wall) and found the problem. That is when our unexpected laundry room renovation began!

We also found a little black mold, so I had to protect myself.

Once we cleared the duct and resealed the dryer connector joint, we were ready to drywall the opening and start our new design. When trying to figure out my design, I always look for an inspiration pic on Houzz or Pintrest. I found the perfect pic but it was missing a mud room area so I had to design that part myself.

I loved this laundry room because it had my white cabinets, white front loader washing machines, long narrow footprint and similar flooring. What I didn't have, was the beautiful wood countertops, dark contrasting hardware and faucet, countertop over the machines or the beautiful backsplash and wall color. I created it all AND added a mud room space on the opposite wall for my 6 kids to dump all their stuff when they come thru the garage. I started with building the countertops.

I built the two walls for the countertop over the washer and dryer using 3/4" plywood, made sure all 3 countertops fit before staining and cut the hole for the sink. (See my blog on making a cutting board out of the piece cut for the sink!)

I stained the countertops with 2 coats Minwax Dark Walnut and then 3 coats of high gloss poly. Note: Make sure you poly the underside of any countertop going over a washer/dryer! It will help protect the wood from warping from the heat.

Sink Countertop

Sink Countertop

After 3 coats of high gloss poly

Once the countertops were in, I painted the walls in Behr's Sanctuary, installed the new sink an oiled bronzed faucet, swapped out the hardware to match the faucet and attached the cornice board over the window. (See my blog on updating cornice boards soon!)

I found the LAUNDRY letters at Hobby Lobby.

I ended up with enough left over wood to make a long bench for the mud area on the opposite wall and used left over plywood from the countertop legs to make the bench legs. (I strongly suggest using pocket holes and glue to attach the legs. Although the legs will be anchored in the baseboard and side wall, you want your bench to be able to hold a lot of weight!) I used the same stain color for the bench.

I framed out the wall area with 1x4 (top 1x6) poplar. Using a multi tool, cut out slits for the bench legs to anchor into.

I added a top shelf made of 1x6 poplar, edged the bench legs with quarter round and attached inexpensive corbels I found at Home Depot to support the shelf. Then painted it all white in semi gloss.

It's finished!

The only thing missing is the beautiful mosaic backsplash over the laundry area. I searched high and low for the matching tile and came pretty close. I really wanted that arabesque shape tile but this one felt like a close second. Unfortunately, it is a special order tile and will take some time to get it but I will post a pic when I get it installed.

Here is another pic of the tile next to my second choice, which I thought was a very safe green arabesque color.

Happy DIY'ing!!!

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