A Girl's DIY Closet Dream (Wall 1)

One of the down sides to buying our house was the fact that EVERY SINGLE CLOSET had wire hangers. Yes, they are economical but they are NOT functional. I decided to tackle each closet one by one and tailor it to each individual space. This closet was a square built off the bathroom. It needed to function as a clothes and linen closet so we needed to make sure there was enough shelving for towels and linen along with shoes an other items.

Once I removed the wire hangers and patched the wall holes, I painted the closet in Behr's Silver Bullet. Before any closet renovation, I always sketch out on paper what I want and how I want it to look. When doing any closet renovation, I always ask myself if I can salvage any second hand bookshelves or dressers to incorporate into the closet and how can I build the most usable space. I found an Ikea bookshelf at the Goodwill to use on one of the walls. All I had to do was paint it white to match the rest of the closet shelving.

I decided to center the bookshelf on the wall and build hanging space on either side. I cut out the baseboard so the shelf would sit flush against the wall and anchored the top with screws. After laying the top shelf, I screwed it into the top of the bookshelf.

I then screwed in the end pieces on either side to secure the top shelf.

At the last minute I decided to add some cubbies on the top left for extra storage. I used the cute storage bins you find at Target, Walmart etc.... to measure out the space I needed so they would fit perfectly.

Once the frame was installed, I added my trim (1x2 poplar) and crown molding to finish it off.

I decided to add some cord trim that matched the crown molding to outline the cubbies and center shelf of the bookcase to give it some extra character.

Always save the baseboards you cut out because you can reuse them for the front face of the bookshelf. I only had to match up new pieces on the sides which can save you some money if you have multiple shelves going in.

After filling all my nail holes and caulking all my edges, I was ready to paint it all white.

The bedroom was gray with pink accents so we continued it into the closet using pink hangers and cubbies. Notice the double rods hung on the right side which increase the hanging space!

In Part 2 I will show you the adjacent wall. Happy DIY'ing!

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