A Girl's DIY Closet Dream (Wall 2)

Since we designated wall 1 to have a shoe shelf, cubbies and hanging space for shirts and pants, I decided to designate wall 2 for long dresses, linen closet items (the closet is off of the bathroom) and more shoes. Wall 3 will be for dresser items like socks, underware, PJ's, t-shirts, etc....

After removing the wire hangers, patching holes and painting the walls in Behr's Silver Bullet, I started by making the frame of the shelves (This is where you can use an old bookshelf if you need to). I cut out the baseboard (save this piece), set it flush against the wall and screwed it into the wall at the top. I then laid the top board on and screwed the side board in to help support the top board.

When your walls are not going to be attached, make sure you have at least 12 inches of space between. I had to make sure that I had room to pull the cubbie bin out without the shelf blocking my way.

After the shell was assembled, I attached the trim (1x2 poplar) and the crown molding. Of all the mitered corners I've done, this is by far the best!

Using the removed baseboard as the front board for the shelf, I added new pieces on the sides to have it all flow together. I then caulked my edges, filled my nail holes and prepped for painting.

I did a layer of primer, then a coat of white latex paint in semi-gloss.

Again, I added pink hangers to accent the pink that is in the bedroom. This hanging space is built for growth (an adult can hang dresses here) and the adjustable shelves will be able to hold everything from tall boots to sheets and towels to t-shirts.

I didn't show it but I also swapped out the outdated gold light fixture for a flush ceiling mounted white LED light. It cost only $20 at the hardware store and really finished off this closet.

Happy DIY'ing!!!

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