How To Prep Furniture For Paint

There is nothing worse than putting a lot of time and energy into painting a piece of furniture only to have it chip or bubble up months later. A piece is only as good as it's prepping process! I have 7 EASY steps to preparing any piece of furniture or cabinet for painting and if you follow them, your furniture will stand the test of time!

1. Remove the hardware

Take all the drawer pulls off so that they can be cleaned and prepped. (I will make a future blog on this)

2. Vacuum

Vacuum out your whole piece as well as inside the drawers and underneath.

3. All Purpose Cleaner

Wipe down your furniture with any all purpose cleaner that DOES NOT CONTAIN OIL(AKA Murphy's Oil Soap). The oil can get trapped under the paint keeping it from sticking. Also, I recommend using paper towel as opposed to a rag so you don't leave any residue.

4. Degreaser

Use a degreaser next to really cut into any deep crud or dirt on the piece. I like to use Krud Kutter that you can pick up from any hardware store.

5. Sand

Rough up the piece with a 100-120 grit sanding sponge. If your furniture has a high lacquer or shiny finish, then use a liquid sander to make sure you get all that finish off so your paint will stick.

6. TSP

Wipe down the piece with TSP which you can get from any hardware store. (Note: It must be diluted) This stuff is great and I recommend it be used especially if you're repainting kitchen cabinets.

7. Water or Water/Vinegar

Finish off by wiping down with water or a water/vinegar mix to remove any residue from the cleaners.

When you are finished, make sure you let the piece of furniture sit to dry out overnight or 24 hours. It may look dry but it isn't and you don't want to get water trapped under your primer or paint!

If you have any detail or carving on the piece, you can clean in the creases with a small brush. LOTS of gunk get trapped in these creases.

Once you let the furniture dry out, you can get started on your painting project.

Happy Painting!


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